Living In Shipping Containers Has More Advantages Than You Probably Realize

From modest man-caves to two-floor high extravagant homes, shipping container homes are the current rage among people who wish to make a style statement with their houses. Once a niche trend, shipping container homes are now quite popular due to their flexibility, affordability, convenient sizing and eco-friendliness.

Living in shipping containers is quickly becoming one of the trendiest ways to own a home. Leading shipping container home builders can custom make a home, office, dorm, shed or anything else you want for you out of shipping containers at an affordable price. You can choose from two container sizes and opt for various floor plans and layouts depending on what you are going to use the space for living, working, playing, you can let your imagination run wild with shipping container homes.

Here are the biggest advantages of shipping container homes…

modest container home

Shipping container homes are cheaper

Shipping container home builders can custom make a shipping container home for you at a fraction of the cost you would incur in building a brick and mortar house. This is possible since the container gives you a pre-built structure for the house. Then you can add doors, windows, kitchens, bathrooms and more to design them as living spaces inside them.

Container homes give you unlimited options

Choose from simple 20-foot shipping container homes to big 40-foot full storage container homes. You can choose from multiple layouts, siding options, flooring, interior wall options, and the choice to add bathrooms and kitchens to build your shipping container home. Use them for full-time living, quick getaways, and adding space to your existing house, storage or children’s playhouse. You can choose to have tiny homes, getaways, extra living spaces, workshops, dorm rooms, studios or sheds Storage container homes are quite versatile and can be converted into many different spaces depending upon your needs and usage.

They are readily available

You can buy one of the millions of shipping containers lying unused on ports around the world. A one-trip container is almost as good as a new container and costs less.

eco friendly container home

Shipping containers are eco-friendly

When you use a shipping container to build a home, you are helping to recycle otherwise junk metal that would need a huge amount of energy to melt and recast. That way you are making a unique contribution to saving the environment.

They can be built faster

It is easier to execute shipping container homes than conventional houses. Shipping container home builders also offer pre-designed homes that can be delivered quickly with customization. All you have to do is choose the floor plan and the layout, add any customizations and the house is ready to be

stylish container home

Container homes are a style statement

Shipping container homes let you create a house exactly the way you want it – from the placement of the doors and windows to where you want the kitchen. You get an opportunity to stand above the crowd and get noticed with contemporary shipping container home designs. Not only can you create living spaces but shipping container homes also make for wonderful offices, studios, playhouses, country cabins, guest rooms and anything you can imagine them to be. In addition, each container home can be customized to best suit your tastes and budget. The end result is you get a beautiful working and living space.

You can know more about container homes by studying the internet or by reading different magazines. Both will give plenty of details and information you can see different pictures of container homes and select them. Also, working with an experienced builder is very important. Approaching the one having maximum years of experience and good repo in the market is a wiser decision, instead of being spontaneous and ending up in wasting your time, energy and money. A builder will take all your stress and worries of building a nice home with all sorts of conveniences. However, you need to trust your contractor before giving him the contract; a healthy association can help you extract maximum out of the builder and use his experience to your best.

Simple Container Homes Have Quite A Few Benefits

Who said you have to be rich to own a home?

At some point in our lives, we dream of owning a home. Unfortunately, getting a home is never that easy. That’s because as time goes by, the cost of real estate keeps rising. A fact that pulls our dream homes further from our reach. But, thanks to the advent of simple container homes, you can make your dream a reality. Yes, it’s true that most – if not all – of us dream of owning big homes, but we keep forgetting that the principle idea behind it is getting a place that leaves you feeling comfy, relaxed, protected and, most importantly, at peace.

For a while now, container homes have been trending – for the right reasons. That’s because these homes offer a cheaper and simpler alternative to standard housing options. In fact, these homes have reinvented the way we perceive housing in terms of style, affordability, and imagination. Below are a few cool benefits of owning a container home.

1. Very Affordable

Without a doubt, affordability is the biggest perk about owning a container home. If you were to do the math, you’d realize that buying a used shipping container and remodeling it into an awesome and chic home is way more affordable than building an average home. That begs the question; Why would you spend all of your days dreaming of owning a mansion when you can get everything a mansion has to offer from a simple container home?

2. Easy to Construct

Unlike common housing, container homes are quite easy to design and build. All you need is one or more containers and a couple of ideas on how you want your new home to look like. Remember that when it comes to building a home, “Time is money!” Which means the more time you spend in the construction of your home, the more it’s going to drain you financially. An actual home can take more than a year to be complete, but container homes can be set up in as little as a month. In a sense, building a container home saves you a lot of time and money.

3. Portability – Place It Where You Want It!

Despite the fact that having a portable home may send chills down the spines of many, it is sometimes beneficial to homeowners. A container home gives you the opportunity to decide where you want to watch the “sunset” from and in case the sunset shifts; you can shift your home with it. What this means is that you always have a second, third, fourth… chance to decide where you want to place your home in case you feel like it’s current position isn’t working well for you – who wouldn’t want that?

simple shipping container home4. Let Your Imagination and Design Ideas Run Free

With container homes, you are not limited by anything. They give you the chance to get exactly what you envisioned your home would be like. In fact, containers can be converted into almost any style or design preferences. It doesn’t get any better than this. These homes let you built the best version of your dream home easily, affordably and without any limitations.

In truth, the benefits of owning a container home are numerous; the few mentioned above are just a tip of the iceberg. There are many awesome pictures of container home ideas on the internet that can act as a source of inspiration for those still in doubt. But, if you’ve always dreamt of owning a home, a container home could give you the chance to live your dreams.