Modern Shipping Container Homes

modern container home

“Welcome to my humble abode” is a common phrase that a host often says to a guest. But in the real sense, the home represents a person’s biggest comfort. Home is where you have all the control and decide what couch goes where and where the cat stand looks most adorable. But what if, in every sense of the word, you meant a humble abode?

Over the recent past, basic shipping containers have been used for more than just ferrying cargo. They have earned a new use, modern shipping container homes. Yes, container homes. If the idea sounds a bit aloof, you’re probably not properly acquainted with the rest of the word. Not to worry though, below, we’ll discuss the benefits of having a shipping container for a home.


This is a huge contributor to the sudden burst in container homes. Cost is always a key factor and when you get a chance to subsidize building cost while marinating quality, you should go for it.

modern container home construction

Easy to construct

Since it pretty much comes ‘pre-constructed’, it leaves you with little work to creatively join them together and have a beautiful home. You can also hire an interior designer if you want the perfect inner house feeling or you can even put your creative hat on.

Environment friendly

Since they cut down on construction materials like wood and plastics, they go a long way to ensure the environment remains intact.

Lesser building time

Modern container homes not only cut down on cost and construction material, they also significantly reduce the time that would otherwise be used in building a house from scratch. You can order a container and have a full house in a matter of weeks.

modern container home


You may never have thought of shipping containers as anything more than just a metallic transportation box, but if you keenly think about it, they offer a wide variety of ideas that you could play around with to have a stunning and creative home. If you consider yourself the conservative kind, the container can also offer enough rigidity to have a basic home.

Easy to access

For starters, many shipping companies look for a way to dispense their containers hence offering a cheap supplier. You can also check on the internet and see if there are any vendors near you. You could have your container in hours.


Above all else, everyone wants to custom make their own space and build it like they have always imagined. The containers offer literal space for you to experiment and design your shipping container home interior.